Formative stage

The White Circus offers the possibility of organizing meetings and training courses. The growing proportions of the Ludic-Educational Circus testify to the cultural, promotional and educational values ​​of a sector that stimulates the new generations to approach the world of the circus, to artistic expression and active citizenship.

All the activities proposed offer cognitive, healthy and coherent development for all age groups. The circus art offer the possibility of nurturing artistic and expressive ways of communication. Also, it allows the development of personality, body and mind awareness and the role within a group or community.

"Circus is an art that is taught with respect for the person"

The 4 fundamental points of the circus pedagogy that we adopt are:

1. Develop socialization, empowerment and respect; learn to work in relationship with others, respecting each one.
2. Teaching specific techniques to develop creativity (stimulate exploration and the search for new techniques) and autonomy (create a workspace where everyone feels safe and adventourus)
3. Develop expression and communication skills: to dare, to be, and be able to express oneself through verbal and non-verbal languages
4. Develop body consciousness through movement. Experience the body as an instrument of expression and creativity. Learn to discover it and live with it

Characteristics of the training program

Circo Bianco offers training in the form of intensive internships, lasting a week or 3 days. The program has the ambition to allow operators and artists, as well as managers of circus schools, to evolve in their practices. It allows to structure a conscious methodology to deal with new horizons and new ways to promote the circus art as a tool for educational and social transformation.

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