Formative stage

Welcome to The White Circus, where we offer a unique opportunity to organize meetings and training courses. The Ludic-Educational Circus has grown significantly, showcasing its cultural, promotional, and educational values. We aim to inspire new generations to explore the world of circus arts, artistic expression, and active citizenship.

Our diverse range of activities provides cognitive, healthy, and holistic development for all age groups. Circus arts offer a platform to nurture artistic and expressive forms of communication while fostering personal growth, body-mind awareness, and a sense of belonging within a group or community.

At The White Circus, we believe in teaching circus as an art form with utmost respect for each individual.

We follow four fundamental principles in our circus pedagogy:

- Foster socialization, empowerment, and respect: Our approach emphasizes collaborative work, encouraging participants to develop relationships and treat others with respect.
- Cultivate creativity through specific techniques: We stimulate exploration and the search for new techniques, providing a safe and adventurous workspace that fosters autonomy.
- Enhance expression and communication skills: We empower individuals to dare to be themselves and express their thoughts and emotions through verbal and non-verbal languages.
- Promote body consciousness through movement: Experience our bodies as instruments of expression and creativity, learning to discover and embrace their physicality.

Join us at The White Circus and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, artistic growth, and meaningful connections.

Training Program Highlights:

Circo Bianco provides intensive internship programs lasting either one week or three days. Our program aims to support the growth and development of operators, artists, and circus school managers, empowering them to enhance their practices. We offer a structured approach that fosters a conscious methodology, enabling participants to navigate new horizons and promote circus arts as a powerful tool for educational and social transformation.

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