Digital Circus in Wonderland

Circo Bianco presents Digital Circus in Wonderland on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of December live from Teatro 4 of Cinecittà World.
Digital Circus in Wonderland will be staged to amaze adults and children, with colors, lights and immersive 3D animations.
Follow Alice into the White Rabbit's lair and Play with the Mad Hatter at Tea Time. Like? Immersing yourself completely within a fantastic scenario set and created with digital and 3d scenographies. Live a fantastic adventure in a new imaginative version of digital circus. The extraordinary characters you've always loved come to life again, becoming more unpredictable and colorful than ever. A phenomenal immersive experience, in which dreams and reality will alternate in an ever new emotion.
Music, choreography, sets, costumes, make-up are specially designed to recreate the proposed theme and plot, under the creative direction of Francesca Ghini.


TV participations

The great revolution of the contemporary circus is the contamination of several arts together, from theater to music and dance.

By experimenting with new emotions, recreating thematic paintings, the contemporary circus allows the spectator to experience ever new emotions. The nouveau cirque comes from tradition, separates itself from it and traces its own very personal path, writing one of the most interesting chapters of contemporary art.