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Circo Bianco is the epitome of contemporary circus, with professional artists and acrobats creating shows visually stunning.

Our working method is based on attention to detail, ensuring that each show is perfectly suited to the location and the client's expectations.
From the magic of aerial acrobatics to the power of choreography on the ground, each show is an extraordinary explosion of talent and passion.

Each of our costumes is the result of passion and attention to detail. Each stitch is a work of art in itself, precisely tailored for each show.

The public

Amusement park
Corporate Events
External - Internal
Exclusive Events

From the little ones to the big dreamers, it excites in amusement parks, enchants in corporate events creating unforgettable moments, and turns into an exclusive show in different locations, both indoors and outdoors open. In joyful wedding celebrations, it adds a touch of enchantment, making every wedding a fairytale event.


Acrobatic installations

Carefully designed and made from high-quality materials, they offer a solid and reliable platform for the most daring acrobatic performances. Whether it is breathtaking spins in the air, choreographic evolutions or spectacular acrobatics, these structures are the foundation on which the emotions and magic of the White Circus shows are built.

TV participations

Conciliation Auditorium for the premiere of “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets” Warner Bros Italia.

The great revolution of the contemporary circus is the contamination of several arts together, from theater to music and dance.

By experimenting with new emotions, recreating thematic paintings, the contemporary circus allows the spectator to experience ever new emotions. The nouveau cirque was born from tradition, separated from it and traced its own very personal path, writing one of the most interesting chapters of contemporary art.