What is the White Circus (Circo Bianco)


Circo Bianco is a contemporary circus company that showcases high-impact performances using professional artists and acrobats. With meticulously crafted costumes and specially designed acrobatic structures, Circo Bianco creates a magical and unforgettable atmosphere. Our music, choreography, sets, costumes, and makeup are all carefully tailored to bring the proposed theme and plot to life. Under the creative direction of Francesca Ghini, Circo Bianco evokes emotions and creates enchanting atmospheres. With over ten years of touring experience throughout Italy, Circo Bianco offers a diverse range of shows. Our shows can be pre-existing or custom-created from scratch based on the specific needs of our clients. Circo Bianco specializes in complex themes with meticulous artistic direction and outstanding performances.


Francesca Ghini, the director and supervisor, meticulously studies and develops highly refined show offerings tailored to the location where the performance will take place. Each entertainment proposal is designed to meet the client's requests and expectations, with careful consideration of the visual and technical requirements of the venue.

Contact us to inquire about any information or to book your show.

Digital Circus in Wonderland

Digital Circus in Wonderland captivates both adults and children with its vibrant colors, mesmerizing lights, and immersive 3D projections. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey as you follow Alice into the depths of the White Rabbit's lair, immersing yourself in a fresh rendition of the digital circus.

Rediscover the beloved characters from Wonderland as they spring to life once more. Digital Circus offers a unique immersive experience, where dreams and reality intertwine, evoking an ever-changing array of emotions.

Meticulously crafted costumes, enchanting soundtracks, and exquisite makeup are all specifically designed to enhance the thematic choreography under the visionary direction of Francesca Ghini.


Introducing our groundbreaking aerial show installation a brand new experience suspended in the air.
Be captivated and spellbound as acrobats and dancers soar through a breathtaking aerial landscape, leaving the audience in awe.
This extraordinary showcase features quadruple aerial attractions, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that will leave you speechless.
Immerse yourself in the enchantment of light installations while witnessing the grace of our talented performers within a truly unique and unforgettable setting.
Let the magic unfold before your eyes.

Alla Luna

Within our performances, you will discover a captivating blend of choral choreographies and living paintings, where artists and fictional characters come together on stage, engaging in mesmerizing fire performances and games.

Sognami Trovami Amami

Two narrative blocks will guide the audience into enchanted worlds, immersing them in a fairy tale-like experience. The diverse range of artists present will interact with the crowd, creating visually stunning performances that leave a lasting impact. In an instant, you may find yourself admiring the moon on a serene lake, only to be engulfed by the flames of hell the next... This is the essence of Circo Bianco.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is presented in a contemporary circus format, combining elements of theater, circus arts, and ballet. The show is also translated into Italian Sign Language (L.I.S) to accommodate individuals with hearing impairments. It is a family-friendly production suitable for audiences of all ages.

Characters: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Wicked Witch, Fairy, Munchkins, and the Great and Powerful Oz. The roles are portrayed by a talented ensemble of dancers, stilt walkers, actors, fire performers, and clowns.

Duration: 70 minutes.

Il Sogno di un Clown

A clown's quest for love inspires him to dedicate his performances to his beloved. However, exhausted by his relentless pursuit of love, he eventually falls into a deep slumber.
In his dream, he finds himself united with his beloved, creating captivating shows together and venturing into enchanting realms filled with radiant spheres, fluttering butterflies, and breathtaking acrobatics.

Yet, alas, he is abruptly awakened from this reverie...