What is Theatrika?

Theatrika is an organization specializing in acrobatic and theatrical performances. We call ourselves"A theater always on the move," offering captivating musicals and theatrical shows with high-impact visuals. Theatrika is suitable for a variety of events, including shows, dinners, nocturnal settings, parades, squares, and theaters. Our team consists of talented acrobats, a dedicated corps de ballet, skilled choreographers, and creative set designers, all working together to bring dreamlike performances to life. Theatrika offers a modular and adaptable format tailored to each customer's specific requirements. We can create a fairytale-like and enchanting atmosphere for nocturnal events, or an elegant and classic ambiance for formal occasions. With Theatrika, customers have the freedom to choose a theme for their location or event, and we will customize the experience accordingly. Furthermore, customers can select from a diverse range of characters to be included in the show. Each character, from the dance troupe to the stilt walkers and acrobats, interacts seamlessly, resulting in a truly theatrical performance with a visually stunning impact.

Our costumes and characters are carefully designed to assume unexpected roles, adapting to the chosen context and engaging with the audience for whom the show is intended. Theatrika guarantees an unforgettable experience that combines artistic excellence with entertainment.

Themed entertainment - Halloween Cinecittaworld

Entertainment and Shows with a very high emotional and visual impact entertained the vast audience of Cinecitt world in Rome, for this Monstrously Addictive Halloween!

Soul Fuego

"The clash between the world of the living and the world of the dead"
Fire show lasting 20 min -
Incendiary door
Equipment on fire

El Circo Latino

Luna Park

Themed entertainment - Halloween Rainbow Magicland

Circo della Notte


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